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Let’s face it – people are busy these days. Between work, family and other responsibilities, time is at a premium. As a leader of a Toastmasters club, you’ve probably realized this – it’s not as easy to get people to show up to meetings as it used to be. You need to keep meetings fresh and interesting so people will not only show up, but be excited about showing up.

Theme meetings are a fun, effective and easy way to keep people interested in the club and excited about meetings. They add variety and new challenges which gets your club to work together and keeps things fresh. This guide takes all of the guesswork out of theme meetings – even if you only use just one theme, this kit will more than pay for itself in time saved.

Your Club Must Get This Manual

You can't do it all. Your Toastmasters club is just one of many things competing for the time and attention of your members so it's imperative that you make their experience with your club as valuable as possible. To do this, you must keep meetings fresh, fun and a great learning experience which takes a great deal of effort. As a club leader, your time is limited which is why this manual is a great asset - it helps you in the following ways:

  • Planning a theme meeting can often take well over 10 hours. Some themes in this manual can be applied with less than an hour of planning.
  • If you have the same group of people doing all the work to make your club a success, theme meetings are a great way to get new faces involved in club activities.
  • Some clubs avoid theme meetings out of fear that they might not do them correctly. This manual identifies potential pitfalls and shows you how to avoid them.
  • Some clubs fear that theme meetings cost too much. Most of these themes require nominal supplies that your members might have lying around or that you can get for free or at a low cost.

Theme Meetings Demystified:

Putting together a theme meeting is often easier said than done. Just announcing it results in questions about food, how to dress and which elements of the meeting should incorporate the theme. It can be overwhelming and result in a lot of last minute work to get everything together. That's why this manual eliminates most of the guesswork by providing the following helpful information:

  • How to introduce the concept of theme meetings into your club with minimal issues.
  • How to work theme meetings into your existing meeting format.
  • How to have successful theme meetings while staying within your club's budget.

Ten Ready-to-use Themes:

These themes aren't just a list of ideas where you have to come up with everything else yourself. These are complete theme kits that cover everything from how to announce the meeting to complete table topic lists to how to setup and prepare for the theme. Each individual theme kit contains:

  • A themed invitation message that you can either copy and paste or customize and send to your members via email to get them excited about attending.
  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare for the theme meeting, including how to decorate and set the ambiance.
  • What food to bring (some themes even have recipes) and how to present it.
  • A complete set of Table Topics, including a script for the Table Topics Master and enough individual topics to allow for up to 30 participants. All you need to do is cut out each topic then place them face down on a table or in a container.
  • Tips for success to help you get the most out of that particular theme and avoid any potential pitfalls.

These themes range from settings (Western, Tropical) to club related (Humor, Elections) while some are seasonal and others are just plain fun. Again, the cost of this manual, which is less than the cost of a trophy, will more than pay for itself in time saved with just the first use.


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