WordPress Conversions & Migrations

When Your Website Outgrows Its Platform

You initially felt you only needed something basic. Now you’re ready for something more powerful. A WordPress conversion is the right choice for you.

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DIY Web Builders Have Their Place

Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and GoDaddy Site Builder are cheap solutions for “Brochure websites” – static websites that mimic what you’d have in a printed brochure or landing page with minimal updates and interactivity.

Some offer features like blogging or e-comm, and have started including SEO and analytics. But these solutions have limitations such as the number of variations you can have on a product, the ability to integrate with outside data sources, and the ability to tweak performance settings. The biggest limitation is that they aren’t portable – so if you have a problem with Wix, you can’t just download your website and copy it over to Squarespace.

These builders can be a quick & low-cost way to initially get your business online. However, just like you’d outgrow a motorcycle that gets you around town when your family grows, these solutions may not support the needs of your growing business.

Why WordPress?


With thousands of plug-ins, your site can do everything from display maps to integrate with external data sources. You can even create a personal online community with social media features.



WordPress has thousands of themes. You can customize the header and footer of your theme, and everything in between, to your liking. Practically everything on your WordPress site can be customized.

You Own Your Site

Your WordPress website can be migrated to other hosting providers, loaded on a staging server, and backed up to the cloud. You’re not tied down to any hosting provider or web developer. You have complete control over your WordPress website.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is built for SEO. You can tune everything from an individual page to the server itself to increase performance. Advanced analytics provide tracking and insights for your search engine performance.

Easy to Learn

While more complex than DIY builders, WordPress is easy to learn. We’ve trained many of our clients to make updates to their sites on their own. We also provide WordPress tutorials and tip sheets to ensure success.



WordPress has strong built-in security. We take it to the next level with security hardening in both the WordPress dashboard and on the server.

We are your WordPress Conversion Experts

Conversion From Another Platform

Our WordPress Conversion Service moves your existing site from another platform (whether it’s a site just with HTML code or a website on a SaaS platform) to WordPress. We’ll move the data and images, and even recreate the desired features and design.

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We can migrate your site to our Managed WordPress Service from any of the below platforms and technologies:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • WordPress.com
  • GoDaddy Site Builder
  • Google Builder
  • Joomla
  • Duda
  • HTML Code
  • ASP Code
  • and more

So please contact us if you have any questions on how your current platform, and any key features, can be moved to our managed WordPress Service.


Full Site Migration

We ensure that all content from your existing site gets migrated to the new site on our managed WordPress hosting platform. We can keep your old website design intact by using the same WordPress theme (including your child theme) or do a complete website redesign.

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There are two key factors that are critical when migrating a WordPress website: correctly moving all content and ensuring there are no service interruptions during the move.

We create a temporary site to migrate your content (text, images, plug-ins, theme, etc..) while your existing website stays up and running. We then fully test the new site and once approved, we schedule a re-point for your domain name for a time that works best for you.

Once the new site is live, we test again for broken URLs and direct them to the appropriate content.

Feature & Functionality Migration

If you have custom tools or functionality on your site, we can migrate them. From the use of plugin code to full PHP development, we’ll ensure your site retains its full functionality.

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Our conversion process ensures that the functionality you need is successfully migrated from your existing website to your new WordPress website. Some of the functionality we can migrate includes:

  • Online stores & e-commerce functionality.
  • Blog posts and blogging capabilities.
  • Contact form integration with email list providers and CRMs.
  • Form conversions (HTML forms, 3rd party plugin, etc…) including conditional fields and file uploads.
  • Integrations with 3rd party systems (IDX/MLS, Payment Gateways, ShipStation, etc…).
  • Social media sharing and post automation.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Google Analytics integration, Google Tag Manager integration, and other tracking features.
  • Google ad tracking and Facebook Pixel integration.
  • Migration of fonts (Google fonts, TrueType fonts, and custom fonts) and styles.

Our WordPress conversion process also ensures that any broken links are properly redirected (this is common when converting an HTML website).

Email Migration

You need your email to run your business. We’ll get it set up with minimal interruptions whether you’re switching platforms or hosting companies.

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Timing is critical when switching email providers which is why we’ve developed a process for making it less painful for you. 

Like websites, there is a period of time (typically 24 hours) while DNS (the directory that tells email servers how to route your email) is updating.  We partner with you to set up your email to handle both the old and new settings, and then ensure that there are no delivery issues after cutover.

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