Comprehensive Website Audit



Is your website not performing the way you'd like?

Let us help!

Your website is your most important marketing tool. But if you're not keeping up with it, it can lose its effectiveness over time. A website audit will show you how your website performs in all critical areas: design, content, performance, security, & SEO. Your audit report provides a detailed analysis of the areas where your website can benefit from a boost.

Your report will include the following:

  • Technology audit: You'll understand the technology behind your website and how it impacts traffic and conversions.
  • Security audit: You'll learn key details about your website's security - from SSL to your server configuration.
  • Traffic audit: You'll see where your traffic is coming from and how optimized your website is for SEO.
  • Performance audit: Speed matters when it comes to your website. We'll review your site's load time and share opportunities to speed it up.
  • Design audit: We'll point out what's working and what isn't with your website's design and content.
  • And more.

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