Hosting and Maintenance Plans

Keep Your Website Running at Top Speed

The right hosting can be the difference between getting hundreds of visitors and getting thousands of visitors. And the right maintenance plan will ensure your website is always operating at its best.

Hosting Features

We only use the fastest, most secure hosting to ensure your site loads lightning fast and ranks high with search engines.


Our included Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypts the data between your website and your visitor’s browser. It’s a must for any e-commerce site.

Daily Backups

Never lose your data again. We back up your site each day and store 30 days’ worth of backups. We’re only a phone call away whenever you need a restore.

Staging Site Available

We can create a copy of your site to troubleshoot an issue or to keep your existing site live during a redesign.


Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) serves your website from servers strategically placed all over the world to increase load speed.  CDNs also help protect against DDoS attacks.

Fast Caching

All of our hosted sites are configured to use super-fast caching to optimize load time. When setting up your site, we custom configure your cache settings to give you the best performance.

Renewal Energy Matching

Our servers are hosted in a Google Cloud data center that purchases renewable energy credits to match the output of the data center. 

Maintenance Plans

Our Maintenance Plans are designed to help take the worry out of your WordPress Website. Our plans cover everything from updates to threat removal to security

Take that First Step

Let’s amplify your online presence and turn your website into a client conversion machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting & Maintenance Plans are available for WordPress sites only. Below are some answers to common questions.

Can you host/maintain my site if you didn’t build it?

Absolutely. We can maintain your site on your existing hosting or move your site to our hosting. 

What does “Premium Plug-ins” mean?

Premium Plug-ins (and themes) have either a one-time or subscription fee associated with them. We have site licenses for a number of these plug-ins and themes and allow our maintenance clients use of them while on our plans at no additional charge.

What are the minutes that are included?

We’ll make site edits at no additional charge up to your plan’s allotted time. If extra time is needed for edits that you request, there may be an additional charge.

We also run various tests each month. If we notice an issue, we’ll take care of it if it can be done within your plan’s allotted time. If it will take longer, we’ll alert you about the issue and any projected costs to resolve.

Who do I contact if there’s an issue with my site?

If we’re hosting you, then we’re your first point of contact. If you’re using another hosting company and have an issue, you can contact them or we can work with them for an additional fee.

What’s a security scan?

Each month (or day for the Professional Plan), we scan your website for malware. In the event that malware is detected, we remove it.

Can I change my plan?

You can upgrade your plan at any time and it will be effective during the subsequent maintenance run for your site. You’ll be charged the difference in cost between the two plans for the remaining months on your existing plan. Unfortunately, we’re only able to downgrade plans at plan renewal.

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