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Today’s job market is hyper competitive so you need every advantage you can get to get hired. Most of the resources out there on interviewing techniques are based on outdated advice and material that hasn’t caught up to today’s technology so it won’t help you. That’s why this program was created – to ensure that you have the very best information available to help you ace your next interview – especially if you haven’t interviewed in a while.

Learn how to ace your next job interview:

Both the job market and interview process have evolved significantly. Companies now use phone screens, team interviews and other techniques to accelerate the process. Consider this: fifteen years ago, the entire process from sending a resume to getting an interview to getting a decision would take at least a few weeks. Now it can all happen within a few days.

If you haven't interviewed in several years or haven't been getting the results you've wanted from your latest round of interviews, then it's imperative that you get this program. It'll not only help you brush up on the latest interviewing techniques, but give you the insight you need to properly prepare for, and perform on, your next job interview.

In addition to illegal questions, common questions and the behavioral interview, you need to be prepared for phone screens, getting "Googled" and team interviews. In this 70 minute program, you'll learn:

  • How to prepare for a job interview - everything from how to dress to what to research.
  • The Top Ten Interview Mistakes that can cost you the offer - including "The Fatal Five" - and how to avoid them.
  • How to ace the Team Interview so you can ensure you leave everyone with a good impression of you.
  • How to ace your phone screen so you'll be invited in for an in-person interview.
  • How to follow up after your interview and use what you've learned to do better on your next interview.
  • What illegal questions are and how to effectively answer them.

This program also makes an excellent gift for college seniors, recent graduates or anyone having a hard time finding work. For less than the cost of a new shirt, you can give them the gift of success on their next interview.


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