Is Threads Worth Your Time?

Is Threads the Next Clubhouse

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July 12, 2023

Social media platforms come and go. Does anyone remember Google+? Or what about Or MyBlogLog? There’s been a lot of buzz about Instagram’s new answer to Twitter, Threads. But will it live up to the hype? And will it stick around? The bottom line is that only time will tell but we can look at some past events to get more clarity. For a social media platform to last, it needs more than the initial excitement. But Threads also has a lot of advantages that other new platforms lack. We’ll explore them, and more.

Is Threads like Clubhouse?

The last social media platform to have this much hype was Clubhouse – a platform that’s focused on audio content. A year ago, everyone was talking about Clubhouse. And Andriod users were chomping at the bit for the platform to add an app to the Google Play store. Many big names in technology and business hosted chatrooms where other users could listen in to exclusive content. But over time, usage and interest dropped.

Part of Clubhouse’s challenge was that other established platforms created similar features. Twitter added Spaces. Facebook created audio rooms. Ironically, Twitter, who Threads is trying to replace, had the same thing happen to them many years ago when Facebook and LinkedIn added status updates to their platforms. So where Meta owns Threads, the big question is whether other platforms will find features that they can copy.

Threads Has Its Advantages

Numbers don’t lie, and Threads has broken records for number of downloads over a short period of time. It’s also owned by Meta, so that’s one juggernaut that’s not going to go after it. Additionally, users can easily import their connections from Instagram, which gives the platform a stronger chance of long-term adoption.

If you look at the way we communicate as a society, you can see a bright future for a platform like Threads. People in Generation Z communicate mostly via text, and they represent a huge portion of Threads’ early adopters. Facebook has become Meta’s platform for Gen X as younger people have abandoned it for Instagram. So the industry is trending toward a text-only platform. And while Meta is no angel, Twitter is a frequent recipient of unflattering press.

Our Outlook

Threads certainly has a lot of potential. With Twitter in a rough state, it’s possible that Threads can take away some of their users. However, it’s yet another platform that users will have to keep up with. After the novelty of the new platform dies down, it’s possible that Instagram may integrate its features into the main platform as a feature (similar to reels). But on the other hand, Meta likes having multiple apps on your phone (Facebook, Messenger, and Business Suite).

Regardless of whether it becomes a success or failure, we recommend getting an account under one condition: you have no intention of deleting it. Currently, if you delete your Threads account you’ll also delete your Instagram account. Normally, we recommend grabbing an account on every platform (regardless of your plan to use it) so you can claim a username that best matches your brand. But this platform has that one caveat.

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