How Color Can Build Trust and Credibility for Your Website

How Color Can Build Trust and Credibility for Your Website

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July 19, 2023

People notice colors. Whether you’re walking around a store filled with eye-popping fashion, or looking at a piece of fruit to determine whether it’s over-ripe, color can certainly impact your purchasing decisions. What few people realize is that you can use color to help your brand. Want to convey security and reliability? Use blue. Want to convey a natural, rugged feel? Try brown.

We frequently use color palettes when working with clients – especially if they have a new business and/or need help with branding. We have over 200 color palettes with four to seven colors each that work well together. And we’ve spent hours with clients trying to pick the right one – we believe it’s that important. So here are two videos that we’ve put together to show how we use colors for different projects.

Colors Represent Feelings & Emotions:

In the below video, we show some of the emotions associated with different colors. It’s a good reference if you’re starting from scratch or are looking to rebrand.


How Colors Look on Websites:

For this next video, we picked a handful of projects we’ve done that use some of the more common color palettes.

Wrapping up:

Many of us are visual learners, so these videos are a great way to illustrate how color is used. We’re very thankful for Ta Chic which is a clothing store not far from our home office for the backdrop and the styles. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use color to connect emotion to your website and/or brand, please join us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll show you some color palettes and discuss how to work them into your brand and website. And if you’re looking for videos to promote your business, we can help with that as well.


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