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Arturo O'Farrill

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May 25, 2022

WordPress 6.0 was released on 5/24/22. If you have a managed WordPress site, you’ll see the update within a week or so. WordPress 6.0 is named Arturo after Arturo O’Farrill, a Grammy-Winning Jazz Musician. This new version has over 900 improvements and bug fixes. The biggest new features are improved accessibility and improvements to the Gutenberg block editor including style switcher, improved tools, and five additional templates.

Block Editor Changes:

If you use a theme that uses the Gutenberg block editor, you’ll find a number of improvements to make your experience more streamlined. Some of these improvements include:

  • The ability to select text across multiple blocks.
  • Updated settings and controls for tag clouds and social icons.
  • Style Switching allows having multiple styles within the same theme.
  • Block themes have five additional templates.
  • Some of the design tools received updates, including borders, color picker, and the gallery block.

Accessibility Improvements:

WordPress 6.0 adds a number of accessibility improvements. While only government websites are subject to ADA compliance, it’s good practice to follow WCAG guidelines and make your site accessible. Here’s a sample of some of these improvements from the WordPress Core Blog:

Improved Performance:

Each new version of WordPress has its share of performance improvements. With Google’s update in 2021, performance (especially load time) has become an important factor in determining search engine rank. The WordPress team has streamlined their code to improve load time for most sites.

Should I upgrade?

The WordPress team does extensive testing so releases are generally safe. We’re in the process of updating all of our sites but have yet to encounter any problems. If your website is uptime critical, then we recommend creating and using a staging copy of your website to test the upgrade. For others, take a backup of your site that you can easily restore before going ahead with the upgrade.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to us.

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