WordPress 6.0.1 was Released Today – Should You Upgrade?

Arturo O'Farrill

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July 12, 2022

WordPress published a minor release today to last month’s major 6.0 upgrade. As this is a maintenance release, it’s a good idea to update but it’s not critical that you update it immediately. This update contains the following changes:

14 Core Bug Fixes:



Ticket NumberDescription
#55668skipOnAutomatedBranches() does not work as expected, take 2
#55681block-templates theme support not present in /themes REST API endpoint
#55808About page: Replace video thumbnail image
#55810Twenty Ten: Unbump version number due to lack of functional changes.
#55837WP_Term_Query cache problem
#55890Option ‘user_count’ not initalized or updated on single sites
#55997Remove meetup from oembed allow list
#56058Backport bug fixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 6.0.1
#56093Register Comments Query Loop from metadata to enable title and description translation.
#56097Theme preview is bugged for all themes in the directory
#56126Pattern keywords are not passed through from pattern directory
#56163Default template for new posts should be “Single,” not “404”
#56197Continued post lock data inconsistencies
#56200Update the About page for 6.0.1
Additionally, there were 18 updates to the block editor. So if you use the Gutenberg editor for your website, you may want to consider upgrading.
We’ve upgraded our sites and have begun updating our maintenance clients’ sites. So far, we’ve come across no reported issues other than a brief maintenance notice that lasted less than five seconds. If you have any questions or need assistance with upgrading your site, please reach out to us.

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