Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Why you need a responsive website

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April 15, 2023

The internet has transformed and revolutionized the way businesses operate, and it has become imperative for every business to have a website. However, simply having a website is not enough these days. Your website must be responsive, meaning it should adjust to the device on which it is being viewed. So the website should function and present the same information whether someone is viewing it on their computer, phone, or tablet.  A responsive website is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for any business that wants to succeed online. So let’s look at five reasons why your business needs a website with a responsive design.

1. Responsive Websites Get More Mobile Traffic

Mobile devices account for over half of internet usage worldwide. This means that more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access your website. In fact, we’ve found that some of our clients get more traffic from smartphones than from computers! So if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you’re most likely turning away a significant portion of potential customers.

2. Responsive Websites Have a Better User Experience

A responsive website offers a better user experience than a non-responsive one. If you’ve come across a website that works great on your computer but is hard to read or hard to use on a mobile device, you know what we’re getting at. Responsive websites adjust to the device on which it is being viewed, providing an optimal viewing experience. This means that users can easily navigate your website, read your content, and access your products or services without having to zoom in or out. A good user experience is essential for retaining visitors and turning them into customers. Plus, Google factors user experience into its search results.

3. Responsive Websites Increase Conversions

Increased conversions are the primary goal of having a website as conversions ultimately lead to more revenue for your business. At the basic level, if someone can’t fill out a form or click a button to make a purchase, you can’t convert them. Have you ever struggled with interacting with a website on your phone, only to give up and complete it on a computer? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. You don’t want to do that to your website visitors.

Your website visitors are more likely to make a purchase or fill out a form when they have a positive experience on your website. Plus, a responsive website can help improve your search engine rankings. Better search results lead to more traffic which can lead to more conversions.

4. A Responsive Website Can Be Cost-Effective

When mobile web browsers started becoming popular, many site owners created two versions of their websites. One version was for mobile devices and one was for computers. This meant that they had to keep the content and the functionality in sync between the two websites. While this practice has died out in recent years, there are still some websites out there that have mobile and desktop versions.

Responsive design eliminates the need for multiple websites. It also prevents mobile users from having to contact you because they can’t use your website’s functionality. For example, let’s say that you have a restaurant and the page with your menu is not responsive. A potential customer is debating whether to eat at your restaurant or another one. The customer has a food allergy and is trying to read your menu to see if there are items that are allergen-free. Your non-responsive site cuts off the second column of items so the customer can’t see all of your menu items. So they have to do one of two things. They can either call your restaurant and pull a member of your team aside for 10 minutes to go over your menu. Or they look at your competitor’s site, see there are plenty of allergen-free items, and go there.

5. A Responsive Website Gives You a Competitive Advantage

As we can see by the example in the last section, having a responsive website can give you a competitive advantage. In today’s world, people need information right away. People aren’t going to drive home (or back to their hotel) just to be able to use your website on a computer. So in the example in the prior section, let’s say that everything else is equal between the two restaurants. They are in the same general area, their pricing is similar, and they both have the same average review rating. The one with the responsive site will get more business from those that find them via a mobile device.

Wrapping it up

A responsive website is essential for any business that wants to succeed online. It provides a better user experience, increased conversions, it’s cost-effective, and it provides a competitive advantage. If your website is not responsive, your website puts your business at a severe disadvantage.

If you need help making your website responsive or want to learn how to test your website on different devices, then please contact us. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help guide you in optimizing your website.

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