Job Interviewing For Managers

Job Interviewing For Managers and Business Owners:

Finding top talent for your firm can be a true art form. As if choosing the right candidate with the optimum mix of skills and experience wasn’t difficult enough, you also need to ensure that you don’t get your firm in trouble by asking an illegal question. That’s why it’s important to make sure that everyone from your firm that does any interviewing understands how to properly act while interviewing.

Course Overview:

Many firms don’t take the time to teach their employees how to correctly interview candidates. Having someone interview a potential employee without any formal training in job interviewing opens the firm up to a host of problems and can result in bad hires or potentially getting sued or fined by the EOCC. In this course, attendees will learn how to ask the right questions to weed out potential bad hires, how to avoid asking illegal questions and how to determine whether a candidate is the right fit.

Course Outline:

  • How to ask probing questions to figure out if the candidate has what you need.
  • What illegal questions are and why you must avoid them.
  • How to use phone screens to weed out potential duds.
  • How to listen and watch body language to spot any red flags.

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Course Materials:

If you can’t make it to the class or want to recap what you’ve learned, feel free to purchase the Course Audio Program.

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