Privacy has been a top concern for many people over the last several years. Both governments and companies have been taking action to crack down on what information companies collect, how they store it, and how it’s used.  Just look at these examples that have caused a number of online businesses to change the way they handle privacy:

Google recently announced a new tool that will make it easier to request that your information be removed from Google’s search results. This is promising because the existing process, while it works, is quite cumbersome.

Currently, the Google recommended way is to contact the website owner of the site that’s sharing your information and ask them to delete the content with your info. Once it’s off their site, Google will then remove it from its search the next time it crawls the site. However, identifying the owner of the site and obtaining their contact info can be a significant effort. And then you still need to convince them to remove the content.

While Google can’t force a website owner to remove content, they can still remove the content from their search results. There are different forms you can use depending on the type of content that you need removed. Here are some of the links:

If you need to remove content from Google search, give these links a try. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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