We offer the following services to help you, your business or your organization.


We offer courses in various communication related subjects including job interviewing, networking and public speaking. These courses are open to the public but we can also conduct private customized programs for your organization at a facility of your choosing.



If you need a speaker for any occasion, we can help. We can take any of our courses and create a keynote, breakout session, workshop or seminar to suit your needs. Just let us know which topics you’re interested in and which areas you need us to focus on. We’ll work with you to create a talk that will help your organization reach its goals.


Social Media Services:

Another explosion in space by Flavio TakemotoDon’t have time to keep up with social media, SEO and blogging? Don’t sweat it. We can help manage every aspect of your online presence from setting up your accounts to managing your day to day online activities. We’ll work with you to ensure your brand is reaching your target audience by providing a message that they’ll find impactful.


Website Creation / Migration:

Do you need a website? Are you frustrated with your existing website? Would you like to be able manage your website yourself? We hear these concerns are all the time and are here to help. We can create a new website, update your existing site or move it to a new hosting provider.  Our hosting services include nightly backups, a staging site and much, much more.



These private and confidential one-on-one confidential sessions target your individual needs.  In these sessions, we focus on one or more areas where you want to improve and help set goals, milestones and action plan to ensure you achieve them. We offer coaching in any of the areas that we offer courses and can also combine topics to help you reach your desired outcome.


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