Since 2006, James Feudo has been writing about communication and personal development. This  list includes some of James' most popular articles.

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Dressing for Success

How Email Can Get You in Trouble

Three Free Resources to Help Grow Your Business

How to Get Free Money from the U.S. Government For Your Business

Unleash Your Inner Beast: How Small Shops Can Compete with Global Giants

Marketing Outside the Box

Career and Workplace Skills:

Career Success: 10 Tips for Productive Meetings

Multiple Interviewers: What to do when more than one person is interviewing you at the same time

How to Improve Your Memory

Personal Organization Tips

Time Management Tips

Illegal Job Interview Questions and How to Handle Them

How to Add More Time to Your Day

Strategies for a Successful Phone Interview

Interview Question: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Managers vs. Leaders

Five Unforgivable Interview Mistakes

Goal Setting:

Reach Your Goals in Four Easy Steps

The Power of Expectations

The Danger of Small Decisions

Home and Leisure:

Three Simple Steps for Taking the Stress Out of Your Vacation

Interpersonal Skills & Relationships:

Dealing with Bullies

How to Be Liked

Getting to Yes: The Power of Persistence

Motivational & Inspirational:

How a Crisis Can Become Your Opportunity for Greatness

Personal Power: Should you Focus on your Strengths or Strengthen your Weaknesses

Why Prayer Works

How music can affect our mood


The Right Way to Make Referrals

Networking Success: How to Exit a Conversation

Public Speaking:

Public Speaking Success: The Effect Public Speaking has on Your Confidence

How to Create a Presentation for Work

How to Speak with Clarity

Three Ways to Make a Speech More Interesting

Handling Question and Answer Sessions

How to Write a Speech Outline

How to Prepare for a Question and Answer Session

Five Tips for ESL (English as a Second Language) Speakers

How Public Speaking Skills can Help Your Career

How to Write a Powerful Conclusion for Your Speech

The Speech Introduction

How to Choose the Right Toastmasters Club

Is Your Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back?


Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon