Being able to speak comfortably and confidently groups is the single most important communication skill you can attain. Aside from the obvious benefits of the doors it can open for you both in your career and your personal life, the skills you’ll learn are transferable to other forms of communication and it boosts your confidence.

Course Overview:
We've all heard that famous statistic "Public speaking is the #1 fear, surpassing snakes and even death!" Public speaking & presentation skills are critical for success in the workplace. People with these skills tend to shine, especially when the job market is competitive.

In this fun & dynamic course, you will learn how to overcome your fears and gain the confidence to give effect presentations and improve your speaking skills. We use a combination of lectures, assignments and in-class activities to help you conquer your fears, move beyond your comfort zone and communicate like a pro. In this fun and supportive class environment, you'll quickly develop the confidence you need to be a successful speaker and gain the skills needed to succeed in today's world.

If you find yourself anxious about having to do presentations for your job, business or volunteer work, then this course is perfect for you. This course is taught over four weekly sessions or two full-day sessions. We can also customize this course to meet the needs of our business, conference or organization - just contact us to find out how we can help you.

Course Outline:
Upcoming Sessions:
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Past Sessions:
  • Fall, 2014: Framingham, MA
  • March/April, 2012: Framingham, MA
  • May, 2011: Framingham, MA
  • May, 2010: Wellesley, MA
  • March, 2010: Framingham, MA
  • September/October, 2009: Framingham, MA
  • March / April, 2009: Framingham, MA
  • September / October, 2008: Framingham, MA
  • March, 2008: Framingham, MA
  • October / November, 2007: Framingham, MA
  • October / November, 2007: Sudbury, MA
  • March / April, 2007: Framingham, MA
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