Certified Trainer Program:

Do you enjoy helping others reach their full potential? Do you want to be a professional speaker or trainer but without the hassles of running your own business? If the answers to both of these questions are ‘Yes’ then read on. We are looking for presentation professionals to deliver our programs on communication and personal development.

The Benefits:

If you're thinking about a career in speaking or training but without the hassles of running your own business, then this program is for you. After spending six to twelve months in our apprenticeship program, you'll be off giving training to companies, organizations and the public.

Here are some of the benefits:

The Process:

We have a simple four-step process for becoming a certified trainer.

Step 1: Application:

Although anyone interested may submit an application on-line, we recommend that you have at least the following minimum qualifications:

Step 2: Interview:

Depending on your qualifications, you'll have at least one interview. This process isn't meant to be stressful (our interviews are casual) but instead make sure that this role is the right one for you. So instead of looking at how you polish your shoes or how you answer "where do you expect to be in five years?" we focus on whether or not you have the skills and desire to teach our courses.

We want to ensure that the people who take our courses get the most out of them so it's important for us to only hire quality professionals.

Step 3: Apprenticeship:

Once you've been accepted to the program, you'll be given training in various areas including the material you'll be teaching, customer service and our training methodology. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to teach courses and start earning an income with us.

Step 4: Certification:

Once you've completed you're apprenticeship, you'll be certified through the next calendar year. To provide the best experience to our students, we require our trainers to stay current in the areas they teach. A short refresher program will be provided several times per year so instructors can continue their certification.

The Cost:

Although some training companies charge their trainers outrageous fees to earn certification (and more fees to keep their certifications current) our certification process does not cost trainers anything. Once certified, you'll be considered a contractor with us.